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I'm a 15 year old Future & Exponential Tech Focused Innovator

I'm a high school student passionate about exponential sciences in biotech and artificial intelligence, more specifically machine learning! I've completed multiple courses in ML and applied in fields like genomics as well for self driving cars. I want to make unique connections between exponential fields to create huge impact ideas and turn them into multibillion dollar companies.

I've been inducted into world class research consorotiums for research in bacteria with resistances to antibiotics which is thought to be a $60T by 2050! I've researched other biotech fields like optogenetics, brain machine interfaces, CRISPR for gene editing, pharmacogenomics and using machine learning to help doctors, and generating new drug delivery scaffolds also using machine learning.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Building lots of DRL models to play games, learn to walk using algorithms like Deep Q-Learning and starting to work on my own drug discovery.


Continuing to focus on how we can use optogenetics to learn about the brain and finding new applications like regenerative medicine.

Worked at CIBC Innovation

Worked at CIBC innovation lab on developing ML models for customer analysis, UX and UI, as well as working on an Augmented Reality app!

latest post.

Optogenetics - Discovering How the Brain Works

Using the power of genetics to turn cells, specifically neurons, on and off like light switches to discover how the brain works on a cellular scale like never before!

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Pharmacogenomics and the Change it Will Bring

Using genomics to figure out why people react to drugs better than other people do and how we can use this knowledge to personalize medicine so it actually works!

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The Next Gen of Antibiotics: Phage Therapy

A potential solution to the multitrillion dollar problem of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and a possible solution using phages which are tiny viruses!

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